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Dispatches from Above + Beyond Cancer’s 2011 trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.


WORDS & PHOTOS BY BRIAN TRIPLETT If we were ever on vacation, we’re certainly not anymore. We’re not simply visiting the Himalayas. We live here now. These mountains are our home for two weeks. We haven’t seen a road since our flight into Lukla five days ago. Only trail. And...
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Upward Over the Mountain

WORDS & PHOTOS BY BRIAN TRIPLETT Somehow, someway, the tallest mountain on the planet sneaked up on us. We had heard rumors that the third day on the trek would be a memorable one, but trying to understand broken English and read the body language of a Sherpa while breathing...
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Common Senses

WORDS & PHOTOS BY BRIAN TRIPLETT I’ve heard before that smell is the sense tied strongest to memory. I believe sight is the sense connected most commonly to the future. When I imagined what Nepal and Kathmandu and the hike to Mount Everest base camp would be like, I simply...
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