Body Talk

Are you ready to take your health to another level?  A 66 year old cancer survivor and friend, testified he is in the best shape of his life. Desire to proclaim those same words? What are you waiting for?

Our body talks to us, constantly.  Some days, it says, I feel good.  Other days, your body may be grouchy, with aches and pains. If you experience pain, it may be a result of muscle imbalances and poor posture alignment.

Your body is a system of muscles that compliment one another.  When muscles are in balance, a range of motion is achievable with less stress to joints.  If one muscle group is stronger than another, or “over-active” and the opposite muscle group is weak, or “under-active” issues like knee pain, hip pain, ankle sprains, etc may ensue.

An active person may find it difficult to increase their level of fitness without causing injury or strain, because of muscle imbalances and poor posture.  It may be frustrating for a more sedentary person to become active because of increased pain due to muscle imbalances.

Listen to your body talk.  If you desire to become the best shape in your life, start now. No time like the present to seek understanding to what your body is saying.

Find answers to your aches, seek solutions for a healthier you.  Call the YMCA Healthy Living Center, Clive, Iowa, at 515-645-3350  to schedule a free injury screening with a licensed physical therapist.   Or seek a qualified PT in you area.

To schedule a complimentary “squat assessment” for feedback regarding possible muscle imbalances, and how to improve posture alignment contact mary@aboveandbeyondcancer. org today!

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Mary Van Heukelom
Program Director

Mary Van Heukelom is a Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer who trains, educates and coaches cancer survivors to reduce the chance of relapse, through holistic personal wellness programs addressing all aspects of healthy living.

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