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Allies are community members who agree to support the project by 1) encouraging others in the community to refrain from smoking, chewing or vaping for the two months of the contest, and 2) encouraging others to become either a Fighter or an Ally. There is no age limit to those agreeing to sign up as an Ally. Allies don’t necessarily have to agree to quit smoking, chewing or vaping, but must agree to support others in their cessation efforts. Communities are awarded points for the number of Allies that are signed up throughout the two-month contest. The first 50 Allies that sign up will be included in the community scoring.

The first 50 Allies signed up will be counted in the final scoring criteria, although a community can sign up as many Allies as is possible.

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If you have any questions about your Cold Turkey Challenge application, please contact:

Chris Goodale, Executive Director
Above + Beyond Cancer