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If you are ready to use the Cold Turkey Challenge to help you stop smoking, chewing or vaping you are ready to become a Fighter! Each participating community will have at least 20 people who are willing to undergo two months of smoking, chewing and vaping cessation. Smokers, chewers and vapers will be asked to participate in three saliva tests during the contest (at the beginning, toward the middle, and at the end); and complete a self assessment during the other weeks. A single positive test for tobacco use does not disqualify the Fighter, but is counted as if the Fighter received a positive test (meaning tobacco use present) for that week. However, a single missed test will disqualify/excuse a Fighter from the remainder of the contest. Weekly meetings will be available and open to all Fighters, but attendance is not required.

Fighters will have access to optional resources to help with tobacco cessation including those offered by services such as Quitline Iowa. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is allowed, but it will not be paid for by the contest organizers.

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If you have any questions about your Cold Turkey Challenge application, please contact:

Chris Goodale, Executive Director
Above + Beyond Cancer