After nine days and eight nights on the trail up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Above + Beyond Cancer team has returned safely to the town of Moshi. Incredibly, 37 out of the 40 participants, which included 19 cancer survivors and 21 caregivers, reached the cold crater at the top of Africa’s tallest mountain where they conducted the highest ever held American Cancer Society ‘Relay For Life.'”

The final days of the journey were full of many powerful moments which will become treasured memories for all. Due to the conditions and remote location of the trail, we were unable to provide daily updates for the second half of the adventure. Now that our computers and batteries have thawed and we have returned to civilization, look for more stories to come in the near future. Thanks for joining in on our journey.

Photos by John Richard

18 Responses to “Kilimanjaro 2012 a Success!”

  1. Diana Fenton

    My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is full of gratitude. Your climb has been an inspiration to me and a reminder that life is so much more. Your physical climb is nothing in comparison to the mental change in consciousness that has raised you and me to be more. God (Love), always lifts us up and takes us all the way! Hugs to all and Tim M. thanks for the mountaintop prayer!

  2. Rhonda Spain

    Seeing the pictures, and then especially the last one brought me to tears. We are so proud of all of you. Our prayers are still with you, have a safe trip home.

  3. Sidney TAZEH

    Great great photos. I feel so inspired just looking at them. Congratulations guys. These memories will last more than a life time. Way to go!!!

  4. Linda Avitt

    Hey, that’s my brother! Congratulations, y’all!

  5. Lynnette

    Awesome photos! So happy and proud for the group!! Many blessings for a safe trip back to the states.

  6. Kelly Varnum

    I could not be more moved by any pictures. To see the vast stream of prayer flags flying from the top of the glacier, the powerful relay for life and the smiling faces of those that accomplished so much. I am so proud of all the successes of each and every person and again cannot tell you how much the pictures and stories have meant to us back here. Congrats!!!

  7. Vicki Haake

    So excited about this wonderful adventure and all that it means to those of us who are watching and knowing how much it means and the work it took to get there. Wonderful to see the Relay for Life event lives on there too! Congratulations on all your successes along the way! Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Valerie White

    Absolutely amazing and beautiful. You are all an inspiration and my heros. Safe journey home. Way to Go !!!

  9. yasmina madden

    Insanely gorgeous photos. And insanely impressed by all of you climbers. Way to go, folks.

  10. Karen Parman

    Beautiful pictures! Love the “hope” one.

  11. Sophia Origer

    So awesome!! Congrats to the entire group!

  12. Mark Blaede

    I am so proud of you all but especially my wife Tammy.
    Not a “climber” but She made it. It just shows some of the grit she had fighting cancer. She fought without fear and now has reached another mountain top. Whats next?! I am fortunate to spend my life with this amazing woman.
    As a 31 year UPS man I am not real teary, but reading these posts has surely cleared my tear ducts!!!
    You all are amazing!

    • Joe& Patty James

      HOPE!! Those four letters say it all about you wonderful people who made this great adventure; it is also about Dr. Deming. Words cannot express the respect and awe we feel about him and his great work. Des Moines is blessed; so is my brother, Fr. Frank.

  13. Kim Hughes

    Congratulations to everyone. You have accomplished something that is beyond words. Corey, I love you and am so proud of you. I never doubted you could do this. I can’t wait to see you and hear all of the stories you have to tell. See you soon my friend.

  14. Kathy Fech

    Missing you and working for you, Msgr. B. I’m so very proud of you and pray for your continued good health. In the midst of my divorce “recovery” you are a TRUE inspiration.

    Lots of love from the Hoosier State,
    Kathy (formerly Thompson) Fech

  15. Mary & Mark Purtle

    Congratulations to you all! We have loved following your progress and can’t wait to hear your stories when you return!

  16. Laurie Palmer

    I so hope to see a pic of my flag to show to my family. They will me mesmerized.

  17. Bob Petersen

    My flag was one of those taken to the top of Kilimanjaro in Jan (2012), and looking through the photos taken, I lived vicariously with all the climbers. What a trip! Congratulations to one and all! And thank you so very very much! A special “thanks” to Pauline & Theresa for the flag!


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