Kathmandu is a city that is as beautiful as it is mysterious. The city is packed with historic sites and exotic street scenes. Our climbing team enjoyed an educational and inspirational day at three of the ancient city’s most important sites. You can enjoy a few of the photographs here:

4 Responses to “Photos: A Day in Kathmandu”

  1. Kelli Olson

    Amazingly beautiful. Just breathtaking!

  2. Diane Kolmer

    I love the snake charmer…they still do their magic in the world…amazing….I love the guru on the street…his eyes take one into an old soul…..amazing photos…thank you so much….this city is one of the cities I would love to visit someday. I ache to see it…..and I gobble up anything on it…so thanks for thinking of us..and know that you are in our prayers and intentions….God speed and keep you all safe…!

  3. Gloria Vermie

    What a grand, mysterious city. It is always amazing to go to other places in the world and experience the lives of other earth dwellers. Thanks for the slide show. Safe travels

  4. Veruca

    Awesome you shluod think of something like that


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