Our team has enjoyed two days of trekking from the village of Lukla to the capital city of Namche Bazaar. Please enjoy the following photos from the journey.

8 Responses to “Photos: Trekking from Lukla to Namche Bazaar”

  1. Deb Hade

    Great photos! I love the ones with the children. Those hanging bridges would have stopped me in my tracks!

  2. Kathy Wennihan

    I do not miss those bridges.

  3. Emelia Chadwick

    Beautiful. I miss the Khumbu Valley.

  4. Beverly Lund

    Awesome photos! So different from Kili but it is so beautiful and heartwarming. Even the faces of the children, different yet
    so like those of the children in Africa. Savor this journey. Looking forward to all the photos and post so i can take this trek through
    your eyes.

  5. Kate Coppola

    Prayers of strength and safety to all! Msgr. Frank Bognanno we are following your journey! we are admirers of your courage and purpose as you follow your paths! Kate, Art and Francesca

  6. Mike Tefft (Sieto Manche)

    Namascar to the entire group! Great photos, doc…please keep them coming! Yep…tangling with a yak or a Tibetan pony on a narrow trail is ALWAYS a bad idea! LOL!

  7. Julie Bruner

    Msgr. Bognanno, Sewell and I are praying for you and all of your companions. It is so inspiring to know you are doing this. Your courage and strength are amazing!


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