The last prayer flag that I created was for Padma Khahtiwada, a Nepalese woman I never met who died of ovarian cancer a year ago. Her daughter, Monisha, a young banker in Kathmandu came to Seattle, where I live, in April, 2012. I was able to meet with her when we arrived in Kathmandu. Monisha told me that her mother had to go to India to get her radiation treatment. The doctors thought she was cured, but a short time later she died. Monisha said that really appreciated our group’s coming to her country, Nepal, because she could see now that cancer didn’t necessarily mean the end of life, and that cancer survivors could do incredible things.

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  1. Marilyn Vaughan

    Monisha became a very special young woman to Kim and me while the rest of the group were at Imja Tse base camp. (We were evacuated earlier via helicopter to Kathmandu.) I’m so grateful for the time that I had with her. She has become a lifelong friend. Love you Kathy and Monisha! Marilyn


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