Our survivorship programs are all-inclusive, so we invite everyone from newly diagnosed cancer patients to those anywhere in their cancer journey, as well as their supporters, caregivers, and the community to participate.  All virtual programs are free, or available for scholarship.

Patients and physicians know that strengthening one’s mind, body and spirit plays an essential role in cancer treatment. Our virtual programs are led by certified instructors, and they include yoga, small group personal training, Tai Chi, one-one-one coaching, meditation, book club, nutrition and cooking classes, and a Cancer Education Series.

Physical Body Wellness
Mind and Sprit Wellness

About our Virtual Programs

Total Training Fitness: Small Group Personal Training for Survivors

Cardio + Weight Resistance + Balance + Yoga + Goal Setting + Individualized Training

Mindfulness Cafe

Cultivate: Emotional + Physical + Spiritual Health + Patience / Reduce: Stress + Anxiety + Pain

Cancer Education Series

Boost: Immunity + Confidence + Hope + Recovery / Manage: Treatment Side Effects

  • Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:30 pm  available via youtube

Healing Yoga

Boost: Immunity + Confidence + Hope + Recovery / Manage: Treatment Side Effects

Cooking and Nutrition Classes

Learn: New Recipes + Nutrition / Experience: Cooking Skills + Healthy Meals + Fresh Tastes

Click Here to learn more.

Book Club

Share: Thoughts + Experiences + Understanding / Discover New Meanings + Great Reads

Click Here to learn more.

Walk With Ease

Increase: Strength + Balance + Walking Pace / Decrease: Pain + Stiffness + Fatigue

Self-directed with a guidebook with a health coach, open for all. To get started anytime call 515-635-1285. Click Here to learn more.

Tai Chi For Fall Prevention

Increase: Strength + Balance / Reduce: Fear + Falling

  • Mondays 9:00 am virtually.  Class is open for all.
  • Wednesdays 9:00 am virtually. Class is open for all.
  • Registration is required email becky.robel@outlook.com

Individualized Wellness Coaching

Facetime or zoom with a Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer to set fitness and nutrition goals.

To schedule an appointment, contact Mary Van Heukelom at mary@aboveandbeyondcancer.org or call (515) 669-9879

Scholarships are available!

All our virtual programs are FREE, except for the Nutrition and Cooking Classes.  Survivors may inquire about a scholarship virtual ticket by Contacting Mary Van Heukelom at mary@aboveandbeyondcancer.org or call (515) 669-9879 to inquire about any virtual programs.