This class explores themes related to self-compassion, self-care, hope, self-awareness, self-efficacy, body-image, stress, interpersonal relationships, control, acceptance, mindfulness, spirituality, death, and dying. The art projects include journalling, ceramics and a variety of 2D mediums.  Contact Greg @, or (515) 231-7178 to  inquire about being  on the roster for the next 12 week session.  Happy creating,  and evolving through art.   To learn more about Greg, the leader for Art as Therapy for Survivors Click Here.

“I would highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to grow as their authentic self, express emotions through voice and art mediums, and meet and share with amazing survivors – forming bonds that they will also cherish for life. Greg is an amazing artist, compassionate counselor, leader, and he is always there.” – Survivor, Art as Therapy Class

“I am NOT an artist; I am the one that truly did not know how to wash a paint brush. In the end, I found that this mattered little as we all were capable of finding our own unique ways to express feelings we needed to release and validate.” – Survivor, Art as Therapy Class