Curious to learn how nutrition can improve  energy, reduce inflammation, reduce discomfort, and boost overall health of your whole body?  Do you desire to learn how to cook better and healthier? We got it covered! A +BC has  partnered an amazing local chef with a brilliant registered dietitian to demonstrate kitchen skills and educate us on the most nutrient dense foods. These classes are for survivors and caregivers who desire to learn how to cook and eat healthier.

Classes have limited space, so register today, and scholarships are available by contacting

2020  Schedule

Jan  22    Eating and Drinking for Natural, Daily, Detox

Feb 17    Soups  for a Healthier Stomach + Tea

Mar 24    Fatigue Fighting Foods + Kombucha  Register Here

Apr   6     Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Drinks  Register Here

Aug  27   Salmon and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Sep  10   Healthy Stir Fry  + Infused Waters

Oct    8   Thai Butternut Squash Curry Register Here

Nov  12  Healthy Holiday Sides + Mocktail Register Here


I love these nutrition classes. Above and Beyond Cancer hits it out of the park. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I began to research the daylights out of nutrition and found it to be so very confusing. There is so much out there and it is almost impossible to know what is best to do. Teresa and Mary do an amazing job at cooking and leading the class. And blessed to have Lori Graff, a dietitian, at every class. She is so knowledgeable about what foods do to our body, and what spices are good for us. Everyone asks so many questions and we all learn from each other. Then we get the honor of eating all the great food they make. I typically make every single recipe that we learn about for my family. This class is worth every single penny and a must for anyone, not just for someone that has had or does have cancer. Great variety of people, food and knowledge.” – Kelly Schall

These are great classes and I don’t say that just because you get to eat everything they make! Lori’s insight into the nutritional properties of the ingredients and their importance is both informative and interesting. Teresa makes putting everything together seem very doable even for an amateur in the kitchen, and Mary brings it all together with her commentary and asking the questions no one wants to ask. These classes have definitely expanded my culinary curiosity, nutritional knowledge and made my taste buds very happy.” – Sam Carrell